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There are two types of felting. The traditional wet felting is done with water, soap and adjatation
either by hand or sometimes with a little help from your washing machine.
Dry or needle felting is done with barbed needles that are repeatedly poked into the wool to
compress it. You can also do a large wet felted piece and needle felt on some extra embellishment or
touchup a part that did not come out exactly as you wanted.
Most wool will work for both types of felting. Then of course when you are done with the felting
you can have fun embellishing with beads.

   Needle felted using a cookie cutter to hold the shape

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   A large rectangle was wet felted. The box shape was then cut out and sewed together.
 To the right are front and top views of another wet felted box embellished with three dimensional flowers.


Needle Felt a design onto your jeans

   Felted bag that has been embelllished with beads


 Far left - felted and bead embellished fetish

Right - two felted bracelets


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